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By frequently updating our offerings we constantly provide our guests with a unique and inspired selection of Wine, Beer, and Spirits.


While a good glass of wine is a delight, any wine lover will tell you a great glass is an experience.  We want to be able to give that experience to our guests.  We know the intricacy required for vintners to make exceptional wines and the difficulty that can come with finding those bottles. At The Mark we enjoy the research that is involved with tracking down those perfect and near perfect bottles almost as much as we take pleasure in being able to share them with you.  Our wine list is ever evolving and represents our passion for the multi-faceted grape.


Our beer selection is a compilation of the work of master brewers.  At The Mark we feel the craft of brewing is an art and we want to be able to offer our guests a glimpse of what true artists do. The only domestic beers you will find on our menus will be from these artisans’ breweries.

Due to our insatiable desire for everything beer we rotate our 12 taps at a manic pace. We are persistently searching out, researching, and tasting new craft and imported beers to add to our already delicious catalog.


We strive to develop beverages that allow our guests boutique style libations or classic cocktails that are inspired by imagination and refined by the palette. By infusing liquors in house and using only the best spirits and ingredients our cocktails are an experience you can’t wait to have again.


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Our menus change frequently, sometimes daily.  The menus above are recent menus, but are likely to change without notice.

Please stop by and see us for current choices, or give us a call at 574.204.2767 with specific questions.